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Cheapest  Student Ski Pass at CSU!

Our discounted Ikon sale for 2023-2024 is on sale in APRIL 2023!!

Read below for all information regarding the discounted pass

No link yet :(


  1. After your purchase, contact Outside Life directly

Requirements to Purchase

  1. Must have an active college ID number and current schedule.


  • Step 1: Trip Options: Select Pass type: Ikon Base Pass or Ikon Pass. Enter your Student ID# and school email address.

  • Step 2: Trip Profile - If you have a profile from a previous Trip/Ikon season, you will register with your existing username & password in Step 2 in the “Have an Account” box by clicking the sign in button. Fill out all info and upload your current class schedule and student ID photo.

  • Step 3: Confirm & Pay - Enter your billing information and submit your purchase


  • All passes bought through us have Adventure Assurance! Should an Ikon pass holder not use their pass before December 9, 2021 for any reason, they may elect to receive a full credit for the purchase price of their 21/22 Ikon Pass to be used towards the purchase of a 22/23 Ikon pass product, subject to acceptable terms and conditions.

  • Deferrals must be declared by the pass holder under ‘My Account’ by December 9, 2021.

  • Prior to paying in full, the pass may be canceled and fully refunded, between April 15 and November 10, 2023, upon request through the Outside life Customer service team. Once paid in full, Echo Tours is not able to refund any amount.


When can I expect to receive my Ikon Pass in the mail?

  • Your pass will not be processed through Alterra Mountain Company until it has been paid in full and your account has been activated with your promo code. Your billing and shipping information must be up to date for the pass to be shipped. Alterra Mountain Company will start processing and mailing passes this fall-date TBD. Passes will not be issued until the steps above are complete.

Can I pick up my Ikon Pass at an Alterra Mountain Company Resort?

  • Yes, as soon as you activate your pass with your $0 promo code you have the option to pick up your Ikon Pass at any Alterra Mountain Company Resort with a valid ID.

After receiving the confirmation email with your code, please complete the following steps:

  • Select the pass type based on the instructions in the email sent to your from (Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass) according to the pass purchased through the Echo Tours database.

  • Enter the single-use promo code sent to you by OutsideLife

  • Important information regarding your code:
    Code comes from

  • I. Code is 12 characters long and is a combination of letters and numbers

  • ii. Code must be physically typed in. Copy/Paste may activate the code depending on the browser

  • 1. 0’s in the code are ALWAYS zeros- NO capital letter O’s in the code

  • 2. The website will ALWAYS enter the promo code in capital letters

  • a. The code is NOT case-sensitive

  • 3. If you mistype it, the code will not activate

  • iii. Code can ONLY be applied to the Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass. It will only work for the adult or young adult age groups. The code will not work on any other type of pass (after the transaction is complete, the code is no longer active)

  • 3) Once the code is entered, the price will go down to $0.

  • 4) Once the transaction is complete, input your shipping address and sign the liability waiver.

Payment Options and Deadlines

  • For those on a payment plan ($25 down), your final payment will be automatically processed on October 1, 2022 so we can properly process your pass through Alterra Mountain Company.

  • Anyone who registers for the pass after October 1st will not be able to sign up for the payment plan. The customer can either pay in full at time of registration or put a $25 deposit down and make their final payment prior to November 10th.

  • The final date to purchase the Ikon Pass is Nov. 10th.

Redeem your Ikon Pass:

  • After the pass is paid in full, Echo Tours will validate that you are currently enrolled in collegiate courses at an accredited University in the USA or Canada.

  • Once approved, OutsideLife will upload your information into the Alterra Mountain Company database and you will receive a confirmation email with a code to activate your pass and set up your Ikon profile on

  • Pass may only be redeemed by the purchaser. Ikon Account and Echo Tours Account names must match. No exceptions.

  • You may not buy a pass on someone else’s behalf; Fraudulent redemption is not permitted.

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