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The uncertainty in the way of our world these last few years has been a strenuous time for all. But the end of the struggle with Covid is near! When that fresh powder falls from the skies, we will feel that familiar sense of relief. We are so gracefully reminded of the finest, self-loving, and unparalleled therapy one can do for themselves. We all know what I am talking about. . .

Our escape to the mountains is near, and one thing can be certain, the winter of 21/22 is bound to be a shredding season like no other. Here is the definitive Snowriders guide to getting on the lifts this season!

Backcountry vagabonds are exempt but this is still some good stuff I assure you. (Will be updated as start of season progresses)


Opening Day - October 17th

Lift Access - Base Ikon pass holders get 5 days at A-Bay for the 21/22 season, blackout dates are active so be aware! Full pass holders get 7 days with no black outs. Lifts start running at 9:00 on weekdays and 8:30 on the weekends! A-Bay will be running at full capacity and have no restrictions related to Covid. One protocol to keep in mind is that lift tickets will not be sold at the resort, all day tickets must be purchased online prior to arriving.

Parking - No more parking reservations! All lots are free! For any Ski bums trying to crash overnight camping is not permitted in any A-Basin lot.

Copper Mountain

Opening Day - November 22nd

Lift Access - For all Ikon pass holders Copper is offering unlimited days this season! They have also reverted to fully pre covid operations and plan to be running at full capacity this winter! Lifts open at 9am on weekends and 8:30am on weekends, all lifts close by 3:30!

Parking - Reservations are no longer required for parking at Copper’s resort’s Alpine and Far East lots! Shuttles will be running 10am -6pm!

Eldo - Eldora

Opening Day - November 19th

Lift Access - Eldora resort is a Snowriders favorite as it is the closest mountain to Fort Collins! All Ikon pass holders have unlimited access to Eldora throughout the season! Lifts run from 9am to 4pm all week! Eldora plans to monitor the Covid situation as the season progresses, for now the resort will open business as usual!

Parking - Eldora has announced that it has no plans to continue to its parking reservation system from last season! All parking is first come first serve! There is a $10 charge to solo drivers enforced by nederland so if you plan to go alone you will want to look more into this policy.

Winter Park - Mary Jane

Opening Day - November 17th

Lift Access - My personal favorite resort, Winter Park will be running at full capacity this season! All Ikon holders have unlimited access to Winter Park all season! Lifts run on weekdays 9am to 4pm and 8:30am to 4pm on weekends!While masks are strongly encouraged while indoors there are no other covid related rules.

Parking - Currently Winter Park has no guidelines for parking rules! Get there early for a spot in the base parking lots or on the road!

Wrap Up

The 21/22 season is going to be the first season in a couple years that will really feel like normal. No more reservations, no parking issues, no capacity limit, no more covid hassall. That is something we can all be thankful for! With all that said, Snowriders are absolutely stoked to be getting onto the mountain with all our members this season! Expect loads of mountain events, meetups, and parties! Grab your friends, get your Ikons, and get ready to hit the freakin mountains! It is going to be a season for the history books and you got to make your mark on it!

Sirsamuraicowboy - Jacob Jackson

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