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Must Watch Skiing And Boarding Films

The ski season is just getting into motion and with that comes the need to stoke the shredding fever in all of us! There is no better way to build on the hype than watch some of the world best athletes in action from over the years. Get some brews and your buddies, cozy up and sit back to enjoy some of the finest skiing and boarding captured on film. In absolutely no order at all, here are some of the Snowriders officers top picked films -

Nothing - Level 1

Nothing is a wholesome experience of skiing, snowboarding, and powder surfing. Everything the first pick on the list needs in full.

G.N.A.R. - A Shane McConkey Classic

The game of G.N.A.R. is a classic, if you don't know what the game is or who Shane McConkey is, you can educate yourself with this film.

Few Words - Candidie Thorvex

A look behind the goggles of one of the worlds most accomplished skiers. If you don't already know the mans name you will now.

Days of My Youth - Matchstick Productions

We all hope to be young forever, skiing might be the way to the fountain of youth. Watch some of the best veteran athletes doing what they love.

Fire On The Mountain - Chris Benchetler and Grateful Dead

If you are anything like me, skiing and the dead is a perfect match. Watch Chris and friends surf powder and waves all to the sweet sounds of the Grateful Dead.

Holy Bowly 2021 - Capita Snowboards

Capita snowboard team meet at Timberline Oregon with some of the best Snowboarders in the world to rip an unrivaled resort setup.

Romance - Level 1

The Golden age of Skiing is upon us. Level 1 with an elite crew of shredders shows us why.


LIKE URBAN? WANT TO GET WERID? This one is for you.

Nothing New - Level 1

Another Level 1 Snow riding experience. Nothing series deserves this double feature.

Higher Ground - Warren Miller

A voyage into what at the time was the new world of extreme skiing. Featuring many of extreme skiers pioneers and the greatest ski film maker to ever live Warren Miller. Higher Ground is a religious experience for all snowriders alike.

One of Those Days 1,2,3 - Candidie Thorvex

Candidie is just insane. Enough said.

Over Time - Sammy Carlson

Sammy Carlson, absolute shredder and a true powder hound.

All.I.Can. - JP Auclair Street Segment

Some absolutely nasty Urban skiing with truly beautiful cinematic shots all to the banger of a song Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem. Perfect video to end the first Snowriders picked ski and board films.

There are at least a hundred other films and shorts we want to add to this list, but for now this will have to hold us over. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cinematic shredding beauty!

Think we missed some? Want another ski film list? Let us know!

Or comment below!

Sirsamuraicowboy - Jacob Jackson

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