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Cheapest  Student Ski Pass at CSU!

Important information regarding your code:

  • Code comes from

  • I. Code is 12 characters long and is a combination of letters and numbers

  • ii. Code must be physically typed in. Copy/Paste may activate the code depending on the browser

  • 1. 0’s in the code are ALWAYS zeros- NO capital letter O’s in the code

  • 2. The website will ALWAYS enter the promo code in capital letters

  • a. The code is NOT case-sensitive

  • 3. If you mistype it, the code will not activate

  • iii. Code can ONLY be applied to the Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass. It will only work for the adult or young adult age groups. The code will not work on any other type of pass (after the transaction is complete, the code is no longer active)

  • 3) Once the code is entered, the price will go down to $0.

  • 4) Once the transaction is complete, input your shipping address and sign the liability waiver.

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