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Bridging The Gap

The luxury of skiing and boarding with the latest equipment and gear is an easy privilege to lose sight of. By the time you are shredding down the mountain you are making use of thousands of dollars of worth of equipment. Add onto that the commute to the slopes and the price of a lift ticket, it makes for a very serious investment. For those fortunate enough to be brought up in the snow riding world, these expenses were not as much of a limiting factor as parents were happy to front the costs to get their kids into the sport.

 If you were not given the opportunity to get your foot in the door early on, this pursuit is a daunting task. The financial investment and learning curve of skiing and boarding are more than enough of an obstacle to hold back any would be Snowrider. That is why CSU Snowriders are taking the initiative to bridge the gap!

Snowriders goal is to bridge the socioeconomic gap within the ski industry in an undertaking that plans to give less privileged groups the chance to ski and board with little to no cost to them. The main purpose is to provide an opportunity to those who would never have had the chance to get onto the ski slopes before!

Snowriders intends to put this idea into action by utilizing the club's resources and through community driven efforts.

The first step in the plan is gathering lightly used ski and snowboard gear. Snowriders are collecting donations that will be given away through this season and next. We are always accepting donations of any kind. We understand getting complete sets of gear will be difficult, so Snowriders are building relationships with local outfitters that will provide our club with prorated deals on rentals and gear.

The second focus is on getting to the resorts and getting a pass. Snowriders will be arranging carpools to get to the mountain free of cost to anyone who comes along. We are currently working with Eldora ski resort as it is the most accessible to both the newcomers and our senior members. Snowrider officers are currently building a partnership with Eldora to purchase passes that will then be given for free to everyone taking part in bridging the gap.

Finally, once on the mountain, Snowriders and members of our community will spend the day riding with those taking part in the experience. The veterans riding with them will take on the responsibility of helping teach them the basics of the sport. Most importantly we want to ensure they are enjoying themselves on the mountain! Making this a fun and positive experience is the main objective!

In addition, for all those that are interested in taking part in the bridging the gap initiative there will be an application process and waiver that must be signed.

If you, or anyone you know qualifies to be a part of this push for change, get in contact with us! The best way to reach us is via our email, We would love to connect with anyone who has wanted to try skiing or snowboarding and has for any reason has had barriers preventing them from doing so.

Snowriders believes the bridging the gap initiative can make change for many years to come. Successfully getting people on the slopes in an affordable and friendly manner. We believe in pursuing the bridging the gap initiative as a chance for people to ski and board who otherwise, would never have had the chance. We hope to increase the diversity within our club as well as in the ski industry as a whole, we believe in equal opportunity for all to participate in the sport we love so much.

This is a real opportunity to make far-reaching impacts in the industry and for the future generations that take part in it! If you wish to get involved, don't hesitate to contact us!

Fill out a form if you want to get involved!

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